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tanis, al and kennedy

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Amy Medal (Williamson) last year (2009). We were under a bit of a time crunch as we were living in a 1-bedroom condo and we had just found out we were going to have our first baby. Amy took the time to listen to exactly what we were looking for and sent us daily updates of property matches in the areas we specified. She proactively researched some of the properties and advised us which ones to see and ones to avoid and most importantly, why. We felt that we were fairly knowledgeable about the city and buying in general. Amy would consistently impress us by raising awareness about things we hadn’t thought of…areas in Toronto we hadn’t considered and why we should examine them for long term gain, to the construction of a townhouse or the way the market performed or didn’t perform in a certain area, schooling, whether or not a ‘flip’ was good or bad construction and why, and she would utilize her contacts and resources to find out why a seemingly dream property was still on the market. Something we would have jumped at and potentially over-bid for, Amy would advise us that there was a ‘reason’ that it hadn’t sold yet and would let us know what it was…in the long run saving us time, money and anguish.

We listed our condo with Amy and it sold for what we were asking in only 3 days! She was ‘on it’! After our meeting, the next day she had a professional photographer in, an agent open house the next day and 2 days of solid appointments! If only finding our home would be as easy. We looked at over 60 properties and Amy never tired of showing us our next potential home. She would question us to ensure we were truly satisfied and if we weren’t feeling the purchase in our heads, in our hearts and for our future, she would not advise us to continue on that property. Amy would not let us make a life altering decision unless we were 100% sure. In other words, Amy was in this to make us happy, to see us happy in our future and NOT for the quick sale or to satisfy our need to find a place to live.

We love our new home, our new neighbourhood and our new family. I have recommended Amy to several people who were equally blown away by her professionalism, her dedication and her honesty! Finding a Real Estate Agent is easy but finding the one you will trust your biggest investment with is daunting. You will not be disappointed but pleasantly surprised. She is amazing.

johh w.

My "Super Agent",

While looking throughout the downtown Toronto area for a condominium I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Amy Medal (Williamson). Being able to find a real estate agent that is extremely knowledgeable of the market, has a keen eye for detail and functionality and is readily available at any time. Amy was remarkably patient and made me feel as though every location could be a potential prospect. After an extensive examination of the condo market in Toronto, Amy was constantly researching for the "right" property and devoted towards finding my goal. I have now found the perfect condo and owe it all to Amy.

Thanks Amy,


max b.

"Amy, I wanted to let you know how confident and happy I am with the house after now having had time to relax and reflect.

Both my mother and I were really impressed by your professionalism throughout this whole process and I couldn't have imagined working with anyone else. You demonstrated considerable competency and knowledge with not only the house buying process and the unique challenges we faced, but also a perfect understanding of what I was looking for in a house and a neighbourhood.

Considering that this was my first home purchase, I had many questions and mixed feelings but you made me feel very comfortable and were always very patient. Like any significant purchase, this process was stressful, but you made it a whole lot easier!

Thanks so much for your help,"